Con or Bust

A note from the always-fantastic Kate Nepveu, and of interest to fans of color who are thinking about attending Boskone next year, at which I will be a Guest of Honor:

As you know, I run Con or Bust, which helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons, and in a couple of weeks I’m going to start taking requests from people who want to go to cons in January, February, and March 2012–such as Boskone.

The how-to-request-assistance post is here:, and requests will be taken from Nov. 15-25. (Also, people can donate at any time here:, even outside the auction that’s the main fundraiser (which will be in mid-February this year as well).)

There you have it. If you have an interest in participating in this, or in helping fans of color come to conventions through a donation, just follow those links above.

7 Comments on “Con or Bust”

  1. Oh, hurrah! I had planned to attend Boskone (just to see you!), I bought a membership, and now I have a conflict I can’t get out of — I’d love to donate my membership if Boskone will allow it to be transferred.

  2. Woohoo, Kate has confimed that Boskone will let me donate or transfer my membership, one way or another. My grief at missing Scalzi next February is at least somewhat consoled.

    Teresa at 9:47: I followed your link to your website, not to stalk you, but in hopes of contacting you relating to this. I didn’t see a contact email there. Can you help me out? If you’re in the Con or Bust LJ community, I can reach you through LJ.

  3. [Deleted for trolling. Incidentally, Scorpius, when I posted this entry I figured it was inevitable I would have to delete any comment you made in the thread for its trolltastic qualities. I recognize you possibly did not think the comment trollicious, but you’d be wrong. Please think on that, but don’t bother to respond in this thread — JS]