Unseen and Off to the Side, Peter Gabriel Says “My Work Here is Done,” and Walks Away, Smiling

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A very cute video by Kina Grannis will perhaps satisfy your stop-motion music video jones.

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  1. Be sure to see the “Making of” video – 2 years, almost 2000 person-hours and 288,000 jelly beans. Crazy dedication.

  2. I was going to make some sort of snarky comment about CGI and how that it couldn’t be done with real Jelly Bellies because they’d all get eaten. – especially the tutti frutti and bubble gum… But then I watched the “making of” video. Holy heck, that’s a lot of jelly beans.

  3. Interesting that you say the tutti frutti and bubble gum Jelly Bellies will all be eaten – those are the last flavors left in our family’s jar. Tutti-Frutti is vile stuff, if you ask me.

  4. We’re family friends with the Jelly Belly guy.* I’ll ask him about this next time I see him. How totally awesome.

    * Fun Fact: The “Vomit” flavor in the Harry Potter beans was an early stage recipe for an aborted plan to make “Pepperoni Pizza”

  5. @Kevin wjho is kevin says

    The level of commitment to make the video doesn’t seem justifiable for what is essentially a cheesy disposable pop song.

    But the video is still awesome. And while I wouldn’t call the song Grammy material (or maybe it is, I don’t follow who wins what outside the Nobels for sciences), it isn’t unlistenable. Heck, it’s better than a lot of the crud my ears are assaulted by when I can’t avoid going to a store. And at least she can sing well. I particularly liked the echo when she’s in the cave.

    Advocatus Diaboli

  6. That was amazing. And it’s definitely worth the seven minutes or so to watch the “making of” video.

  7. I love how even the live-action bits feel stop-motion — because they are. The video displays an impressive level of attention to detail.

  8. Amazing! I’ve been a fan of Kina Grannis ever since she “crashed” the Superbowl, but I hadn’t seen this yet.

  9. I showed this to my daughters (15 yr twins) and scored “cool” points. Thanks! (btw, we still laugh about the zombie badger attack…)

  10. Am I the only one who read this and thought, “Oh, hell, did Peter Gabriel just die?”

    Thankfully, this does not appear to be the case. Had me worried there for a moment.

  11. Holy jeez. That’s…that’s crazy. Like, I’ve done (crappy) stop motion, and it’s super painful. That is an amazing video.

  12. Tears in my eyes after watching this and the “making of” video. I’m often exhausted from the psychotic persistence side of making things; it’s so gratifying and beautiful to see the results of others’ painstaking effort.

    I’m late to the party, hopping links from Jay Lake to Jim Van Pelt. I’m thankful I got to see both videos.

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