I Know This is an Ad But I Don’t Care

It’s both adorable and funny. SUE ME.

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  1. Might be a nice replacement voice for the proper Brit accent I use now. Would definitely thrill my granddaughter! =)

  2. This is funny, but it would’ve been much, much better if it had been Statler and Waldorf instead. ;-)

  3. That was totally awesome. Thank you. Made my day. I now kind of want to sell my Garmin GPS so that Ernie can tell me to turn left.

  4. “I Know This is an Ad But I Don’t Care”
    Why? Commercials are some of the most creative things on TV.

  5. I looked on TomTom’s Web site to see what voices they have available…

    Oh my God. They have Daria.

    That alone makes me sorely tempted to get one, just so I could have the sarcastic voice of Daria Morgendorffer doing my navigation.

    (Yes, I am weird, did you even need to ask?)

  6. I’ve always found it interesting that Garmin seems to have most of the market share, but TomTom has all the really good voice sets.

  7. Commercials can be very entertaining. But sometimes I get the feeling that advertising agencies are deliberately competing to see who can produce the most stupid, asinine, insult-my-intelligence spots.

  8. swedish chef as a gps navigation voice: hoidy doidey foren gleeb. What? hoidey doidey gleeren gleeb. What are you saying? baken ze you torn breety sue en. SHIT WE’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY STREET! Gaaaah! Yeah. I can dig it.

  9. [Deleted because it’s off topic to the thread. Troy, there’s this magical thing called e-mail, which you may use to contact me if you like. Posting unrelated material to a comment thread is not the way to go — JS]

  10. Heh. I have at least one Australian cousin with a Tom-tom (with USA maps so they can find their
    way around when they’re visiting us). Time to post this on their Facebook Wall. Heh, heh, heh.

    I *want* a car with hyperdrive.
    Almost as badly as one with an ejection seat.
    That was excellent.

  11. This is wonderful. I have a feeling that actually having Ernie on your GPS would be too distracting though…precisely because it IS so funny.

    An online acquaintance got so irritated with the cool British voice called “Mandy” on her GPS that she shut the whole thing off and threw it in the glove compartment.

    I said “Awww! She came and she gave without taking, and you sent her away!”

    Earworm entirely intentional. Curse my name as you wish. Let me also add: bwah hah hah.

  12. “Meemeememeeeemeeemeep.”
    “Beaker says turn left in ten seconds.”

    “Oh dear me. Beaker says you missed your turn and need to turn back now. Beaker, how could you. That was a very important turn you let get messed up. I shall have to find another assistant immediately.”

  13. @MaryL 11:33: +1 for Brian Blessed!

    Completely by chance I was at an event on Saturday where I found out he was supposed to be doing a live reading (in St Pauls’s cathedral in London – the acoustics would have made it interesting :-). For five minutes I was really excited, until it was announced that he was unable to attend because of illness :-( Get well soon!

  14. I have utterly hated every GPS talking-direction system I’ve ever heard, but I confess that one that spoke to me as Cookie Monster might be acceptable.

  15. Bert & Ernie are great, but I agree with Greg that the next is to get Muppet voices.

    I want Animal.

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