My Entry on Klout Now on CNNMoney

You can see it here, if you like. They pinged me yesterday and asked if they use it. I said, “sure.” I’m guessing that if the folks at Klout managed to miss it yesterday, they’ll catch it today.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I only heard of Klout myself initially via Charlie Stross’ blog too (I guess my Klout score would be low!). What sticks in my mind is his comment: if you are not buying the product, then you *are* the product…. Avoidable.

Like others, I never heard of Klout, either.

Right now I’m amused that CNN has published the word “dicks” used as the pejorative term. Twice.

(Yeah, my inner twelve-year-old boy is rocking today.)

I hadn’t heard of it either until John’s entry. That’s technological edge of Web 2.0, now the world can turn against the latest fad before it has arisen in the first place. Can we apply this technology to the next round of wealthy socialites with substance abuse problems.

“At which point I decided that Klout was actually being run by dicks”

Am I the only one surprised to see that line run unedited on a CNN Money article? I am guessing John would have allowed a substitution if requested (jerks comes to mind).

I appreciate a little foul-mouthedness when I come to Whatever; but it seems out of place at CNN.

After reading about Klout I think I’m going to start my own company. It’s going to be called Slakk. It computes how mellow and generally unconcerned you are about being connected and important and hip and with it. It does this by checking Facebook, twitter, the blogs that you read, the number of people who read your blog, and the amount of time you spend killing zombies, divides it by a random number, adds in the number of cats you own and, with a little secret sauce, computes your Slakkosity. We don’t bother giving you the number, because we are pretty sure that you won’t give a crap about it.

John, I know you’d love to promote this, but drawing attention to ourselves does rather defeat the purpose. If you could just arrange to say nothing about it then that would be great.

(I just noticed that is taken. Fortunately, I don’t care. My Slakkosity is through the roof baby).

BTW, Klout gives a couple of places where you’re supposed to be able to find “close my account” links or buttons, but none of them seem to actually be working right now. There are multiple “how do I delete my account” threads in the help forums, and Klout staff are responding with “if you give me the email you registered with, I can delete your account” posts… Yeesh!

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