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The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Sixteen: The Internet

And, well. This one’s sort of obvious, isn’t it. When a globe-spanning network of computers is directly responsible for much of one’s career, income, notoriety and daily life, what else should one say but “thanks”? The Internet has been important enough in my life that it’s worth pointing out the good things in my adult […]

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Klout CEO Joe Fernandez Responds

Received a letter this morning from Joe Fernandez, the CEO Klout. I’m posting it with his permission. Check out the link included for more from his point of view. Hey John, My name is Joe Fernandez and I am the founder/ceo of Klout. Saw your article yesterday and then again on cnn money today (will […]

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Signed Books for the Holidays: How to Get Them From Me

The last couple of weeks people have e-mailed me, asking, “Hey, that thing you do during the holidays? Where you team up with your local bookstore to get signed copies of your books to people? Are you going to do that again? Well? Are you? Are you? ARE YOU?!?!?” The answer: Yes. Yes, I am. […]

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Nerding Out on The Thing and In Time

This week at FilmCritic.com, a look at two recent science fiction films, In Time and The Thing, and why their box office performances was not, shall we say, everything either film makers or science fiction fans could have hoped for. That’s right, I speculate wildly! As I am wont to do. I am full of […]

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