Heading North

And East! To Toronto. So don’t expect huge amounts today. Will update after I get myself situated in Canada.

And if you are in Toronto, remember that this evening I am doing an event at the Merril Collection, at 7pm. Come, or I will be very disappointed. Because I came to Toronto to see you. Yes I did.

9 Comments on “Heading North”

  1. Sorry to disapoint, but I wont be acutally in Toronto until tomorrow. You know, the whole having to work at 7AM in the morning thing. But I will see you at SFContario! And I’ll even have books for you to sign! (And will probably purchase additional books while I am there).

  2. Why even such erudite and well-travelled figures as Scalzi continually spell ‘Canadia’ wrong I’ll never understand.
    How you have a nice time in Toronto, Mr Scalzi.

  3. So when prominent U.S. SF writers go to Canada do we get a Canadian ones in exchange? I mean they should send down Margaret Atwood, Charles De Lint or some other prominent author as hostage so we’re sure to get you back John.

  4. Unless I somehow missed it, we haven’t yet seen a photo from your hotel window, John.

    I don’t think you’re really in Canada. :>ppp

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