The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Two: Music That Mattered To Me

My day was thrown a little out of whack with errands and Anne McCaffrey’s death, so I’m bumping the Advent piece I had planned for today until tomorrow, when I have time to write it at greater length. Today, a baker’s dozen of music that mattered to me, in various times of my life — not the only music that mattered to me, to be sure, but music that I’m thinking of right now. I’m thankful for the musicians who made it, who didn’t know how their words and music affected me, but affect me it did. It’s after the cut to keep the front page from being cluttered. Enjoy.

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RIP, Anne McCaffrey

One of science fiction and fantasy’s grand masters, without doubt. Early details are here and here, and I’m sure there are more to come. The thread here is now open for your thoughts and reminiscences of the author and her work.

Also, Just So All Y’all Know

I am soooooooooooooo behind on e-mail. Especially Big Idea stuff. BUT I will get it all caught up. Er, tomorrow. Yes! Tomorrow. So please don’t panic. I’m not ignoring just you.

Also: Sorry.

Also also: Today’s Thanksgiving Advent piece will run late because I have errands to run in the afternoon in the real world. I know! I can’t believe it either.

Athena Tells It Like It Is

That’s right. Quadrate your own equation, if you please.

(Note: I’m aware “quadrate” is not a verb. It’s a funny, involving words. Thank you for your concern.)

Now, she might help you with your math, so that you can learn how to do it yourself from that point forward. Because she’s cool like that. And you know what they say: Do someone’s math, and their homework is done for one day. Teach them how to do math, and the universe isn’t a big unknowable ball of superstitious fear anymore. Or something like that. I may have garbled the specifics.

And yes, Athena wore it to school today.

If you’d like the shirt for the math-positive young women you know, you may buy it, no surprise, from the fabulous nerds at ThinkGeek. And if you’re thinking that this shirt may be a laudable correction for this particular piece of crap, you may be correct. This is evidenced by the text on the t-shirt page which reads, “You know what we’re too pretty for? Putting up with anti-intellectualism.” That’s for damn sure. Good on ThinkGeek.