The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Two: Music That Mattered To Me

My day was thrown a little out of whack with errands and Anne McCaffrey’s death, so I’m bumping the Advent piece I had planned for today until tomorrow, when I have time to write it at greater length. Today, a baker’s dozen of music that mattered to me, in various times of my life — not the only music that mattered to me, to be sure, but music that I’m thinking of right now. I’m thankful for the musicians who made it, who didn’t know how their words and music affected me, but affect me it did. It’s after the cut to keep the front page from being cluttered. Enjoy.

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  1. You wrote: “..a baker’s dozen of music that mattered to me, in various times of my life”

    There is something very intimate about knowing a person’s music choices. I’ve been very much appreciating this Thanksgiving Advent Calendar of yours, John Scalzi. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your personal playlist

    I don’t want to transgress into the failure mode of clever, but I have to say your playlist is nowhere near mine. Heck, I’ve never even hear of some of the bands you list. (Although, yes, I have *heard* of U2.) I guess I’m more of a top 40 guy.

  3. Very cool list. I clicked on the “more” idly hoping that one or more from your selections would also go on mine. Lo and behold, I got 4: With or Without You, February Stars (Most underrated song on a properly high-rated record), Today, and The District (I listened to almost nothing but Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Postal Service while going through chemo 7 years ago). Thanks!

  4. I’m kind of shocked at the overlap that exists between your music that matters and mine. Naive Melody is a song that’s saved my marriage, and I wrote a whole screenplay (probably two, actually) based on Maps. With You or Without You–yeah. Go Venn Diagram of taste!

  5. God that The La’s album is just a masterpiece. It’s amazing how the songs did well on the radio and charts but the band and that album hasn’t really garnered the kind of cult following I’d think it would (or that it probably deserves). It is pure genius pop-craft. Tehy out-Beatle the Beatles at times on that record. Magic. Need to go listen to that now.

  6. I loved Cyndi Lauper’s version of Time After Time when it first came out, but I’ve gotta agree, Tuck and Patti’s is probably the loveliest cover I’ve heard.

  7. Oi, oi, oi. Such a gaping chasm between the playlists of 42yo & 57yo. Yet your fiction sings to me. The wonder of words, I guess.

  8. Bravo! Many of my favorites here too. But have to say, when I need some energy, The Waterboys are my hands down pick! They do however, cause me to drive way too fast…

  9. Hi John, longtime reader, first time commenter here. Thanks for sharing these. It was gratifying to see “Fall At Your Feet” on the list as I’m a huge Crowded House fan, and of the Woodface album in particular. I always feel like they never got their due here in the States, so it’s nice to see someone else besides me is into them. Thanks for putting a smile on my morning.

  10. I’ve always wondered why I liked “Time After Time” so much better than everything else Cyndi Lauper ever did (and judging from the number of covers, I’m not alone in that opinion), so I looked it up on wiki…co-written by Roby Hyman of the Hooters. Yeah, that explains it.

  11. Try the Shawn Colvin cover of “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” — acoustic and sweet.
    And the Crowded House? Stellar. That whole album could be on a list like that (well, maybe not “I’m Still Here”)

  12. I have been on a huge Foo Fighter’s thing lately. It’s become my personal mission to meet Dave Grohl. And fawn over him like Sponge Bob does over Kevin. Sad, really.

  13. I had completely forgotten “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Spotified!

  14. Hmm…”There she goes”, a song that I loved enough to seek out the Las album. At the time, I remember sampling the album and thinking it sounded more like a Country album than anything else. I just ran to youtube and found a short-clip of their attempt at a follow-up single. Not country…actually more like an early-Beatles riff, really. They disappeared real quick after that single hit, though.

  15. for someone who’s always making fun of emo kids you sure listen to some emotional sensitive music

  16. Emmylou’s version of Neil Young’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ is a classic. Up there with her rendition of Townes van Zandt’s ‘Pancho and Lefty’.

  17. Listening to the Ted Leo song, I was thinking, “I bet whoever likes this would like the Spinanes too.” Come to find out, there’s a reason I felt that way. Thanks for reminding me about them.

  18. I’m grateful for the entertaining twitter exchange between John Scalzi and Joe Hill, featuring Canadian group, Rush.

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