A Special Note to Canadians, For Whom It is Not Thanksgiving, Re: Signed Books

Hello, Canadians! While the US is away from the computer today, contemplating gravy, I thought I would let you know that whilst I was in Canada last week, I signed Bakka Phoenix Book’s entire stock of John Scalzi books, which includes representative samples of all of my Tor Books releases. So if you were thinking it would be nice to get a family member (or yourself!) a signed Scalzi book, all you need to do is contact Bakka Phoenix and make it happen in reality. That said, even though I signed every Scalzi book they have, quantities are limited, so if it’s something you want, I would hurry.

And hey: Happy Thursday!

13 Comments on “A Special Note to Canadians, For Whom It is Not Thanksgiving, Re: Signed Books”

  1. …are you telling me that you were at the bookstore that is *literally across the street from where I live* – the bookstore where I got my copy of Old Man’s War, mind – and I missed you?

    I’m made incredibly sad by this.

  2. Ah, well that makes me feel a bit better – there was no way I was going to get into that convention this time around. But the bookstore across the way? That would have been a missed opportunity.

    Know what will make me feel *a lot* better? Walking over and picking up a signed copy of Fuzzy Nation.

  3. How appropriate that I bought my copies of Fuzzy Nation, Metatropolis, and Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded from the Bakka table at the con.

    Happy Thanksgiving John!

  4. Umm, “whilst?” We don’t actually say that. That’s definitely British.

    But thank you for the pointer to the motherlode. Whee! Bakka, here I come!

  5. OMG! They’ve moved just down the street from where I used to live! Excellent neighbourhood for them, really, as it’s right by U of T.

    (Torontonians: how many places has Bakka been? I remember Queen E — or was that Record Peddlar/This Ain’t the Rosedale Library? — Queen West near John and the old Soviet Friendship office, Yonge St.near College, Queen Further West around Bathurst, and now Harbord.)

  6. These are the ones I remember.

    Queen West east of Spadina (my first visit in the mid 70s) – yes, Queen East was the Record Peddlar
    Yonge north of Wellesley
    Queen west of Bathurst
    Harbord west of Spadina (new permanent home)

  7. I remember seeing an episode of Due South, when living in Texas, that freaked me out, as I saw a sign in the corner of the screen indicating that “Bakka was moving” (to the Yonge/Wellesley location, as it happens).

    They have moved around a fair little bit, but it is happy that they have indeed *survived* through all these moves.

  8. MaryL: There was a brief (nigh-momentary) period during which Bakka had TWO locations: the old Queen West location and a pocket location on Yonge north of Bloor. That second location didn’t last long. Also, I’ve heard there was one location previous to the Queen/Peter site. So the list goes:
    1. Mystery location ???
    2. Queen West, near Peter
    2.5 Additional (short-lived) Yonge location, north of Bloor
    3. Yonge & Wellesley
    4. Queen & Bathurst
    5. Harbord & Spadina. And we are NEVER MOVING AGAIN.

    Chris S. (current manager of Bakka Phoenix)

  9. Thanks, Chris! Yeah, forget Queen E, which I doubt was the mystery location. I missed that pocket location north of Bloor, too.

    Harbord St. should be great for you guys! Lots of foot traffic from U of T students, a high school nearby, and an array of charming local business, including this one (bless its buzzing little soul).

  10. @Chris
    Nice location – and I commend your commitment to not moving. Was there truly a mystery location prior to Queen West? Wow. I must admit Queen W was the Bakka I fell in love with over thirty years ago and will always remember fondly – the ancient wood shelves just made it feel like a bookstore (which is ironic I suppose if you’re an SF fan). It seemed as if it had been there forever.
    Thanks for inadvertently firing up some wonderful memories :)

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