Daily Archives: November 27, 2011

Juicy Sweet – Smeagol Fish Battering Song Dubstep Remix

Because I asked for it. This bit of awesomeness from a. lee carter. Update: 11/29, 2:30pm: For those of you coming over from FARK: 1. Hello. 2. The tweet that inspired this — and many other Lord of the Rings-related tweets — await you here.

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Lopsided Cat, Considerate in His Way

“What’s that? You want to use the desk? Yes, well. Of course you may, at some point, for whatever incomprehensible talking monkey thing it is you do here when you are not scritching me. What? Writing? How adorable. However, at the moment I’m afraid I simply must use this desk. I am doing a very […]

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Lord of the Tweets

Last night both my wife and child were out for the evening and I was alone with a Lord of the Rings movie marathon on Encore, and access to Twitter. What happened next will be revealed, behind the cut.

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