Juicy Sweet – Smeagol Fish Battering Song Dubstep Remix

Because I asked for it.

This bit of awesomeness from a. lee carter.

Update: 11/29, 2:30pm: For those of you coming over from FARK:

1. Hello.

2. The tweet that inspired this — and many other Lord of the Rings-related tweets — await you here.

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  1. Y’know that TV commercial that says “With a name like ‘Smuckers’, it’s got to be good”?

    NO! No, it DOESN’T, as a matter of fact. The name conjures no images of goodness whatsoever! It sounds like some kind of sticky fly-trap substance, or possibly an auto part.

    HOWEVER: with a name like “Smeagol Fish Battering Song Dubstep Remix”, oh holy shit yes it does. And that’s why my kids only get Smeagol Fish Battering Song Dubstep Remix Grape Jelly! Made with love, 27 essential vitamins, and lard! (Warning: may contain actual fruit)

  2. Huey: you have missed the point of the Smuckers slogan. Because the name is so unappealing, the actual product has to be good enough to overcome it. And since it’s still being sold, despite the name, clearly the product really is all that. It’s a nifty bit of marketing judo.

  3. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I do a very good Christopher Walken as Gollum in Pulp Fiction mashup. ‘Five hunnud years … I carried dis ring … up my ass. An now it’s yours … little man.”

  4. ehhhhhhhhhhh… sorry… dubstep and fish battering song are lame. Dubstep is just lame period,

    as for names that say it all: Bob and Ray–Einbinder Flypaper “The brand you’ve gradually grown to trust over the course of three generations”

    Now THAT is a product that speaks volumes. well kinda sort.

  5. anyone know why the hell some little creek out in the wastelands between Mordor and Gondor would be called the “forbidden pool”? Why the penalty for entering said pool would be death? and just how “good” is any character who would enforce such a brutal and arbitrary rule?

    also, if its so damn special, maybe you should put some signs around it saying “do not enter. death” or something. lastly, how bout just putting up a chain link fence or something?

  6. I’m with Greg@8:38 – how did this seemingly innocuous pool be determined “forbidden”? It brings to mind, for me, the question of where these fellas are taking their weekly baths.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Gollum is the kinda guy who pees in swimming pools.

  7. I love dubstep.

    In my opinion, the best dubstep you can “watch” on youtube would be Marquese Scott doing Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” remixed by Butch Clancy.

  8. a. lee carter & Matthew in Austin.
    I was introduced to dubstep a couple of years ago by my daughter. It was like somone dumped a fizz bomb in my brain – I was practically bouncing off the ceiling. I’ve done lots of type of dance, but I could not figure out how to move to it. Thanks for the samples!

  9. I never expected to be one of those old people who complained about kids these days and their noise, but dubsteb totally makes me cringe. I’m still in my mid-thirties. :/

  10. That was simultaneously one of the most terrifying yet fascinating things I have ever seen.

  11. Put me in the “I can’t figure out what all the rage is with dubstep” camp. And I like some pretty crazy abstract/experimental electronica work by artists such as Autechre, Future Sound of London, and Richard Devine. Not that I completely hate dubstep, but overall most of it just annoys me.

  12. You can do “performance art” to it, but from everything I’ve seen you can’t just dance without knowing the song, and the specific remix you are dancing to.

  13. This is a little late, but I’ll toss it out there:

    This video sparked a debate between my girlfriend and myself: she thinks this would this be “nerd step” while I lean towards “dork step.” Now if we can just get a. lee carter out on tour with MC Frontalot, I will be a happy, happy man.

  14. Hi! Bro (who currently serves on the USS Eisenhower) and I are huge fans of the Old Man’s War series. I popped over from FARK to see the video. So much geek win! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Why is there such a backlash to dubstep? Personally I like the sound. I won’t be listening to an entire album of it any time soon, but it is fun to have in the mix.
    Maybe I spent too much time drunk and missed that whole phase where radio beat it to death on the air?

  16. So, I stop by Whatever every day. But I also came to watch this straight from FARK. I already knew about the tweet. Does the hello still apply to me? Because there is an implied lack of hello to the regular readers of Whatever.

    I want a hello.

    My life is that empty.

    (Not really. I have a good life. But I do want that hello!)

  17. [Deleted for pointless threadshitting. Dude, your name reflected the quality of your comment — JS]

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