Magick 4 Terri

Writer, artist and editor Terri Windling has hit a bad patch recently, thanks to some health and legal issues, and her community of peers and fans are coming together to help her out with Magick 4 Terri, an online fundraising effort. If you’re a fan of fantasy and science fiction, you’ll find a lot of cool stuff for auction, from signed books and ARCs to personally dedicated poem and stories to being able to name a character in an upcoming story or novel. Artists and writers pitching in include Elizabeth Bear, Charles Vess, Brian Froud, Cherie Priest, Cory Doctorow and Tamora Pierce. This would probably be an excellent way to get (or give) a one-of-a-kind holiday gift.

If you are a writer/artist/creator and want to pitch in, this page will tell you how to put something up for auction.

10 Comments on “Magick 4 Terri”

  1. [Deleted because if one does not feel like helping, it doesn’t require an announcement that one is choosing not to help — JS]

  2. Quite so, and I agree with that deletion for that reason,
    but that wasn’t what I was trying to say.

    What I’m getting at is I know nothing of Terri Windling.
    Never met her, unlikely ever to.
    I suspect that you have and probably like her. Since you
    have good judgement and are smart and experienced
    I’ll go with “I’m not lucky enough to have met her.”

    Her difficulties are ‘health’ and ‘legal.’
    That’s all I found.

    About legal issues: If she pepper sprayed a university’s
    rent a cop? Oh, I’m /so/ in.
    If she ran over a kid at a stop light because she forget to
    check her blood sugar levels? I’m so not in.

  3. Mr Scalzi.
    From what I’ve seen since my deleted post it would be useful
    to the fund raising drive for someone to communicate with Miss
    Terri about what info she is willing to allow to the whole world.