Dëthsnöw! It is Upon Us!

Dear first snow of the season:

Couldn’t wait two more days, could you.



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  1. OK, by the use of not one, but TWO umlauts, you’ve again come up with most awesome Death Metal band name EVER! Kudos to you, sir.

  2. You’re complaining?

    Signed, New England, which got about a foot of snow and lost power for a week starting the day before Hallowe’en

  3. You call that ‘snow’? A dusting at best. Here in Mass, 6 days with no power, no internet, but of course the shop I work at got power back so I was able to go to work anyway. Then come home and cook over a camping stove and read by flashlight.

    Your snow is a fart in the wind…

  4. Yeah a foot of snow in South Dakota — not on the ski slopes mind you where they would have welcomed it, oh no. But in my drive way where it’s not welcome at all. Weekend before last.

  5. I was tricked into putting the snow tires on the Forester a few weeks ago, and then it warmed up. One can never be sure when the cold part of winter is actually going to arrive in Seattle, if at all.
    Yes, I realize “cold” in Seattle is not the same as it is in some other areas. When the snow does hit us, the hilly terrain, wet snow, drivers’ lack of practice in the snow, and general level of panic (encouraged by local media) make for a real mess.

  6. I was going to come over and remind you gently about New England’s Snowlloween, but I see someone did that already. Instead I will just say that your yard looks lovely with all that snow.

  7. “Dëthsnöw” is apparently Swedish for “technically it snowed, but you can still see the ground, so not really.”

  8. At least you’re on Ohio. It looked like that this morning in my front yard. I live in Alabama. In the south. One state shy of Florida. Ick.

  9. Another New Englander here, just chiming in to say that if Dëthsnöw is what comes in November, then the Snowpocalypse we had in October was clearly ҌĻῘžžÄŗĐööϻ!

    Hah! I call your umlauts, and raise you some Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic symbols! Which may not render correctly! In which case, this makes even less sense than usual!

  10. Dear Mighty Sky,

    Please do not be offended by the way in which the previous comments scoff at your great work on the lawn of Mr. Scalzi. Please do not take this as a request to show how much better you can do, really. I promise I am very impressed by your unbounded wintery prowess.

  11. Matt, John:

    Not only are the band name and the first album mentioned. Even the lyrics of their first ballad are written here already:

    “Couldn’t wait two more days, could you. COULD YOU.”

    Refrain: “Bastard.”

  12. “There’s nothing wrong with Ohio, except the snow and the rain,” says Bowling for Soup. That looks about right.

  13. We already had our first snowmageddon a few weeks ago here in MA. 16 inches of white stuff. Good times.

    I also name the big storms every year after Die Hard movies. The next one will be called Snowmageddon II: Snow Harder. Then the next one will be Snowmageddon III: Snow Hard With A Vengeance. I always hope not to run out of Die Hard movie names to riff on before the winter ends.

  14. You’re lucky. You got snow. I’m in Illinois and all we got was cold rain, with a touch of sleet and something resembling snowflakes that died a pathetic death as they hit our warm windshields.

    Very Cold Rain.

  15. No snow here, although it is pouring rain on my birthday which was definitely not what I ordered. Stupid weather programmers.

  16. I don’t know why this made me giggle, but it did.

    My son is looking at a few colleges in Ohio for next year. I must show him this picture. Living in California, he hasn’t really experienced cold weather before. Wearing a jacket to school because it was 65 degrees in not ” cold weather”.

    I do agree with your statement. How dare it snow before December in Ohio?

  17. tolenmar: Wow. I grew up in IL and I have very clear memories of snow for Halloween. So the idea of “pathetic flakes melting as they hit your windshield” leaves me puzzled. I’m not doubting you, just rather surprised.

  18. Sword the pumpkin for $1, then the bushes for the hell of it (they never contain rupees). Next, roll into the tree for another $5. Keep following the trees to the castle.

  19. don’t you wish your dethsnow was white like me?
    don’t you wish your dethsnow was deep like me?
    don’t cha?

  20. I’ve had more frost on my car, and I live in South Carolina.

    On the other hand at least most of the time our snow is only a couple inches and is gone in two days. The BIG thing we like to get is freezing rain. Oh yeah… just one big skating rink, and the guys from the power company just love all that overtime… well except for shivering in the cold wet rain at 3 a.m.

  21. And once again an American city beats my Canadian city in the snow race. Our November has been very wet, but lacking in the white fluffy stuff. Considering the last 5 years or so, I think it is time to switch the Canadian winter stereotype over to certain regions in the States now.

  22. Jennifer Ewing: Things have changed around here. I don’t know what part of Illinois you lived in or how long ago, but nowadays we don’t get much snow. Usually just two or three times a season, when it dumps something on us so deep we don’t know how we’ll dig out. Then the next day the temps go up into the 40’s and most of it melts away, leaving tons of mud.

    It sucks. I’d rather have a white winter.

  23. Restraining my snickers – you do remember the East Coast got smacked the weekend before Halloween? Right? I grumble about this because I expect bookstore events to get snowed out
    in February, *not* October.

    Hey, at least yours will melt once it’s sunny again.

  24. Cue the inevitable “our weather is so much worse than yours” replies. ;-P

    Signed, Luna in Austin, TX where it was over 100F for a total of 90 days this year. (no global warming, my ass)

  25. crayonbaby: I had a business trip some years ago in January that took me from Minneapolis to Colombus, Ohio, then on to Uppsala, Sweden. Colombus was the coldest and snowiest of the three places.
    Usually Minneapolis would be colder, though.

  26. No, no, no! You’ve got it all wrong. Dëthsnöw is the title of the Windham Hill metal tribute album.

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