The End of November

Off it goes. See you next time around, big guy.

11 Comments on “The End of November”

  1. You know, Scalzi, my favorite art is natural photography. And yours are pretty good. Ever tried marketing them?

    *I’m actually serious about this. Your photos are pretty good..

  2. That would require effort on my part, which at the moment I’m not hugely interested in undertaking. Perhaps at some point but not now. Thank you, however. I’m glad you like the pictures.

  3. I’m now envisioning a John Scalzi coffee table photography book.

    Or better yet, an art installation of faux window frames around large prints of the photos.

  4. As far as I cared, November ended this afternoon when I hit the 50K mark in NaNoWriMo. Now I have no fear of December’s arrival.

  5. Ali Trotta – Somewhere near the coffee pot. – I'm a writer who lives on coffee and sarcasm. I'll be the first to crack a joke, even if I'm mocking myself. I find inspiration everywhere, and I'm forever scribbling on napkins.
    Ali Trotta

    Beautiful photo; I will never get tired of your sunset pictures. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Nice one John, you highlighted my favorite thing about snow, even in the dark and shadows it’s still pretty bright.

  7. Daphnée – Hello! My name is Daphnée. I'm currently a B.A. Psychology Student at Monash University Malaysia. I write for fun and also as a freelance job. Enjoy my ramblings and stories!!

    Stunning view of the sky! =O

  8. Thank goodness. This November has been a truly horrible month for lots of friends and family, and I’m glad to finally see the back of it.

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