Whatever 2011 Shopping Guide Schedule: Get Ready to Promote

Now that it’s officially December, I’m going to get my Ho Ho Ho on and announce that next week, each week day, I am going to post a specific entry for authors, creators and others to promote books, creations and charities. Why? Because I have a big damn readership, full of people who are looking for interesting stuff to give (and get!) for the holidays. And because, you know, I shop for the holidays myself. I could use an idea or two. Or three. Or many.

To give you folks time to prepare, here’s the schedule of what to promote and by whom:

Monday December 5: Traditionally Published Authors — If your work is being published by a publisher a) who is not you and b) gets your books into actual, physical bookstores on a returnable basis, this is your day to tell people about your books. Includes comics/graphic novels.

Tuesday December 6: Non-Traditionally Published Authors — Self published? Electronically published? Or other? This is your day.

Wednesday December 7: Other Creators — Artists, knitters, jewelers, musicians, and anyone who has cool stuff to sell this holiday season, this will be the day to show off your creations.

Thursday December 8: Fan Favorite Day — Not an author/artist/musician/other creator but know about some really cool stuff you think people will want to know about for the holidays? Share! Share with the crowd!

Friday December 9: Charities — If you are involved in a charity, or have a favorite charity you’d like to let people know about, this is the day to do it.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments. Note I’m running about this afternoon so I may not respond immediately but I’ll get through the thread eventually.

19 Comments on “Whatever 2011 Shopping Guide Schedule: Get Ready to Promote”

  1. As a small press publisher who wants to promote the books we’ve published, which day do I get to post? Fan Favorite doesn’t seem quite right since I have an interest.

  2. Great idea, John, though I am posting mainly to congratulate you and Wil Wheaton on Fuzzy Nation being one of Audible’s best of 2011. Wil has you down. Best wishes.

  3. for the nontraditionally published authors, I have a friend who put 2 chapters of his novel online, and I’d like to point him here to promote it, but would that count for that post or the Wednesday or Thursday posts instead?

    thanks, John!

  4. This year I saw signs for “Buy Local” and want to do that, but supporting the Wednesday artists will be equally supportive. Thanks for doing this.

  5. Steve Silver:

    If your books are available in bookstores on a returnable basis, Monday. If not, Tuesday. I’ll have more detailed instructions on each day.


    These will be for things that are for sale, not general pimping, so neither would be appropriate.

    John Abramowitz:

    Details will be given on each day.

  6. I look forward to my opportunity on Wednesday to Sell Out To The Man…which would be a change, because a significant majority of my customers are women.

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