I’m Back Home and Have Two Days of E-Mail to Catch Up On, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat

There, that should keep you busy for a while.

Quick Guns N’ Roses Review

I saw Guns N’ Roses a few years ago with my friend Bill Schafer, and last night he and I did it again, with about the same results. Guns N’ Roses is more accurately the Axl Rose Traveling Show, but they put on a nice show and everyone seemed happy they came. Axl himself seemed slimmed down a bit from his peak apparent weight in Rio last year, which was good for his lithe rock god shtick, but regardless of that as he gets older I can’t help notice he’s beginning to look more and more like Paul Williams (pictured above for your convenience), which is a little unsettling. On the other hand Paul Williams did co-write “The Rainbow Connection,” so there may be worse things in the world than that.

Anyway, a fun time with a good friend, which is always an excellent thing. I’ll soon be heading off home. Expect a slow day here while I travel, as blogging and driving don’t mix.