They’ve Got It Down to a Science

I was over at Jay & Mary’s Book Center earlier today, signing the books people have ordered, and I was impressed at this innovation for this year: A formal Scalzi Order Form, so as to make easier for them (and you, the book buying public) to keep track of what was ordered and how it should be signed. I can attest that it made it a whole lot quicker and easier to get through the books, because I could pull out the sheet and know exactly what I was signing and to whom. I love it when my life becomes marginally easier.

Also, as a reminder, you have until the 12th to get orders in for signed books (if you want to guarantee they will arrive before Christmas), and I’ll be signing for another week after that for late gifts, etc. All the details are here.

Thanks again to all of you who are getting books signed this holiday season. I really appreciate you supporting my local independent bookseller.