They’ve Got It Down to a Science

I was over at Jay & Mary’s Book Center earlier today, signing the books people have ordered, and I was impressed at this innovation for this year: A formal Scalzi Order Form, so as to make easier for them (and you, the book buying public) to keep track of what was ordered and how it should be signed. I can attest that it made it a whole lot quicker and easier to get through the books, because I could pull out the sheet and know exactly what I was signing and to whom. I love it when my life becomes marginally easier.

Also, as a reminder, you have until the 12th to get orders in for signed books (if you want to guarantee they will arrive before Christmas), and I’ll be signing for another week after that for late gifts, etc. All the details are here.

Thanks again to all of you who are getting books signed this holiday season. I really appreciate you supporting my local independent bookseller.

14 Comments on “They’ve Got It Down to a Science”

  1. Yes, but what if I want you to sign my Coke Zero Can? They didn’t think of that possibility, did they?

  2. This person bought only two Scalzis? You spared them a lot of embarrassment by obscuring their information. They let people buy less than complete sets?

  3. BTW, does this mean we can order clones of John Scalzi to keep in our basement and torment with libertarian screeds?

  4. I would completely understand if you declined to answer this, but I’m curious: Do you charge this bookstore a fee to sign the books? Or do you do it for free and consider it part the promotional activity aspect of your work (like writing this blog)? I would guess that signing these books is a serious time commitment on your part.

  5. Scorpius, I have half a dozen Scalzis in my basement. And only one Journey song in my entire library. And I drink all the Coke Zero in the house.

    It’s that or kick the dog when I’m stressed out.

  6. Captain Button:

    I’d go for Scalzi Classic myself. Hipster Bastard Scalzi isn’t Scalzi enough.

  7. Yes, but Scalzi Classic is for people “who like Scalzi before he was cool,” ergo Hipster Bastard. The paradox unfolds before your very eyes…

  8. Scalzi’s cool? Those are two words that just don’t go together well. Like military intelligence.

  9. *squeal* I hope my name is on one of those slips! I was *VERY* insistent with my best friend that this was the only thing I wanted for Christmas.. There was talk of slippers, but I smacked him upside the head. I swear if I get slipper and no book.. Well lets just say it won’t be a very pretty sight..


  10. having never stood in line to get something autographed, I think somewhere in my mind I invented the idea that this was how autographers always did it: have folks fill out a form with exactly what they wanted it to say. otherwise wouldnt a lot of time be wasted having people spell out their names?