And One More Round of Christmas Reruns

I know, I know, you want new Christmas stuff from me. Hey, maybe in the next couple of weeks. If you’re nice and not naughty. In the meantime, though, why not enjoy my two most popular Christmas reheats? The first, of course, is “The Ten Least Successful Christmas Specials of All Time,” because Christmas isn’t Christmas with Ayn Rand. Second, enjoy once more “An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper,” in which the man with the manger tells you what really went down when Joe and Mary came to call. Have fun with them, kids.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I still don’t know why you’re so obsessed with Ayn Rand. I’m not nearly obsessed with her and I at least recognize she made many cogent points about politics and economics. Made more cogent in light of the horrid Obama depression the President’s fantasy-based ideology and incompetence has landed us in.


“I’m not nearly obsessed with her and I at least recognize she made many cogent points about politics and economics.”


Oh, I’m sorry, you were being serious, there.

(This is, incidentally, not an invitation to begin a discussion of Ms. Rand’s qualities or lack thereof in this thread.)

As for being “obsessed,” a quick search of the site has Ms. Rand being invoked on the site by me twice in all of 2011, counting the very brief mention here. Considering I’ve written several hundred entries this year, I don’t think this qualifies as obsessive by any realistic use of the word.

Your other sentence is just more of you being you and trying to inject political screedyness into places it’s not really warranted or interesting. Please learn when not to do that, because it’s tiresome. Hint: It’s any time the entry is not actually about politics.

Interview with the Innkeeper was the very first thing I ever read on whatever – thanks for writing that. Thanks to the person who sent me the link (I don’t remember who that was which is sad because I’d like to thank them specifically for it).

Its a great bit of writing & should become a festivus tradition :)

I have read the Bible from front to back, twice (not a thing I would recommend BTW, particularly if you want to remain a believer) and I don’t recall anywhere in the Gospels (that would be the New Testament) where it was suggested that anyone else was in the barn.

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