Three Things for Saturday

They are:

1. I’m heading back home, which means a Day O’ Planes. Without wifi, apparently. Life in the modern age is difficult, I tell you. So this post will be it for updating today. Be strong.

2. My thanks to everyone who participated in the Whatever Shopping Guide 2011 this last week. There was a lot of excellent stuff in there, and I know I have some eye on some of that stuff.

3. A reminder to everyone hoping to get signed books from me this holiday season that next Monday is the last day to get your orders in at Jay & Mary’s Book Center to be sure that your orders will arrive by Christmas. So get those in; here are the details. I will remind you on Monday as well.

See you all tomorrow.

6 Comments on “Three Things for Saturday”

  1. All joking aside, the Original manual is actually a good read for someone interested in fantasy (as I used to be) who’s on an airplane.

  2. Safe travels, John, and hopefully you get some much needed rest. How many times a year are you actually on a plane? I’m guessing the answer is way too damn many.

  3. I really loved the shopping guide (and it looks like there are some great books to consider!) For every great sounding book, though, there seemed to be another one with a less… fortunate blurb, especially in the self-published section. Would you consider doing an open post for people to comment on pitches they found more or less effective, or reviews of the books if they’ve already read them? Or if that seems out of place for your blog, would you be interested in doing a write-up on what people might want to (never) have in a blurb? I think your take on that would have to be interesting.

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