Another One of My Sekrit Projects, Announced

What is it? Go here to find out.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, it’s done, yes, I’ve turned it in, and yes, it’s pretty damn amusing if I do say so myself, and (mostly) based on a event in my real life. It’ll be up on Wednesday, is my understanding. So you don’t have too long to wait.

More details — and there are more details, indeed — to come.

21 Comments on “Another One of My Sekrit Projects, Announced”

  1. Wow, well done Scalzi. You really now have crept into god-like status among nerds and geeks everywhere. All you need now is to make a video game, and you’ve hit everything you need in a nerds life. You’ve actually reminded me of this existence of this comic strip — so now, maybe I can have my geek badge back.

  2. I’m guessing John’s going to take pictures of Mike and Jerry and then come up with dialogue to fit.

    I have to admit a teeny bit of squee escaped when I saw that on PA this morning.

  3. Oh my god. Scalzi and Penny Arcade. I’m pretty sure that’s better than Wil Wheaton and Paul and Storm, or NPH and Felicia Day and Joss Whedon.

    You go, demi-god Scalzi. You go.

  4. I can’t decide if this is a harbinger for a singularity or anti-singularity.

    Either way I’m in.

  5. I told you folks weeks ago, John is the nerd set’s Marthat Stewart.

    I can’t wait to see the strip. I hope it’s Annarchy and Athena dueling. Ann favors the bat’leth; I’m curious to see Athena’s choice of melee weapon would be.

  6. Sorry, there’s a certain level of snark that Penny Arcade showers on it’s readers and I’m just not sure you’ll be able to bring it. *snicker*

    Can’t wait.

  7. Okay, John. You weren’t satisfied with me seeing your virtual presence just once a day by visiting Whatever.

    First you invade FARK with the Smeagol dubstep.

    Now, you’ll be gracing my browser homepage?

    You keep getting your chocolate in my Internet peanut butter! I’m half expecting seeing your face photoshopped over one of the student’s faces on my school district’s webpage!

  8. At first I thought you were going to be replacing Tycho as strip writer, but instead you’re helping Tycho out because Gabe is away?
    I can’t wait.

  9. I approve. This seems to be a rather fitting way to complete the mental circle that started to form in my head the first time I saw the cover of Agent to the Stars.

    Next we need to get you into a Star Trek film.

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