Reminder: Last Day For Christmas Delivery of Signed Books

The headline says it all: If you want signed books from me for yourself or loved ones, today is the last day to order them from Jay & Mary’s Book Center to be assured that they will arrive before Christmas day. After today and through the 19th of December I’ll be happy to sign any books you order, but we can’t guarantee the books will arrive before the holiday. So if you want them, today’s the day! Here are all the details. Thanks.

5 Comments on “Reminder: Last Day For Christmas Delivery of Signed Books”

  1. For someone of your stature, “No.” is somewhat lacking as a response. You’re John F…ing Scalzi! We want the future today.

  2. The headline says it all. It’s just that, given the appearance of the words ‘Christmas Delivery’, I managed to misread the first word as ‘Reindeer’…

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