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Release Dates for Redshirts and Fuzzy Nation Paperback

  Because I want you to be able to plan ahead! Redshirts hardcover: June 5, 2012 Fuzzy Nation mass market paperback: March 27, 2012 Also, 24 Frames Into the Future: Scalzi on Science Fiction Film will be available in February, although I don’t have the specific dates on that yet. It’ll definitely be available at […]

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In Case You Believe I Am Universally Loved

Please note the reaction to yesterday’s Penny Arcade guest strip in the PA forum area. The commenters there are not falling over themselves with applause, shall we say. My thoughts? I’m fine with it, of course. I am the fellow who encourages writers to embrace their one-star reviews, and accept the idea that one’s work […]

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Hey! Wanna Buy a House?

Since we’ve lived here in Ohio for coming on eleven years now, we decided it was finally time to let go of our house in Sterling, Virginia, where we lived when Athena was born. So, if you or someone you know is in the market for a home in the Washington, DC area, here’s a […]

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