Child’s Play Auction Update

It is this:

We’re currently at $2,000. Which, you know, is fantastic. But there’s absolutely no reason that it couldn’t go higher. Especially when you’re bidding to create a sum that will go to give toys and games to small children in hospitals. Here’s all the details about the auction and how to bid.

3 Comments on “Child’s Play Auction Update”

  1. If I could afford to bid, I would. I spent far too much time hospitalized as a child, and I have fond memories of family and friends bringing me books, games and puzzles to keep me entertained and (reasonably) happy during my many stays.

    Keep up the great work, Scalzi! And to everyone who’s bid so far, a heartfelt thanks to you as well.

  2. Here’s wishing best of luck. Child’s Play is really getting a lot right now, what with the 380K from Desert Bus For Hope ( and now this. :D

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