Of Perhaps Some Archaeological Interest

This post I just found in an archive of the alt.society.generation-x newsgroup, dated July 21, 1997:

Just got finished writing my very first novel

Thought y’all might like to know. I’m happy, pleased, tired.

96,098 words, cranked out in a little under three months, working
mostly on weekends, grinding out 5,000 words at a sitting.

Learned two things:

a) I *can* carry a story over such a long stretch;

b) like most things on the planet, thinking about doing it is a lot
worse than simply sitting down and doing it. The writing wasn’t hard
to do, you just need to plant ass in seat and go from there.

I did find it helped not to make my first novel a gut-wrenching
personal story, if you know what I mean. Instead I just tried to write
the sort of science fiction story I would like to read. It was fun.

Now I go in to tinker and fine tune. Will soon have it ready for beta
testing. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
John M. Scalzi II
Writer/Editor, America Online
“THIS isn’t John Scalzi! John Scalzi is a dashing bon vivant! Where is the John Scalzi
of our youth, the John Scalzi of television, film and those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

— A slightly drunk co-worker

Which novel? This one. I remember writing it in my apartment in Sterling, on Microsoft Works. Takes me back, it does.

Incidentally, don’t try looking for the personal site noted in my signature. It’s not there anymore. Hasn’t been for some time now. I like the signature quote, though. I wish I could remember who specifically said it.

Also: alt.society.generation-x. Good times, man. Good times.

Busy Doing Chores

If I’m extra good at them, maybe Santa will leave an extra gift!

See you all tomorrow.