Busy Doing Chores

If I’m extra good at them, maybe Santa will leave an extra gift!

See you all tomorrow.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

8 replies on “Busy Doing Chores”

@Scorpius I would note that has a lack of belly thanks to Coke Zero – and I imagine some workouts.

John- since your’e so good at your chores, will you please come help me with mine? If you’d be willing to use the MOLC for some of the people that I work with, I’d love you forever and ever (not that I wouldn’t anyways..).

@secondgenfan, I suspect Mr. Scalzi could make a fortune renting out TMOLC, even if he wouldn’t personally be wielding it. Who doesn’t have a couple of people in their life who could benefit from a judicious application of the same?

Hi John,

Your posting that all of a sudden had me thinking: Athena is clever, intelligent, and I’m betting, given her parents, net saavy. It also seems likely from some of your posts that she has a snarky and ironic sense of humor. So what are the chances she is, could be, or could become one of your commenters, incognito?

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