A Festive Holiday Dog Picture For You

Because who doesn’t enjoy a festive holiday dog? Festive holiday dog haters, I suppose, but we don’t like those people. Because they don’t like festive holiday dogs, you see. And that’s just wrong.

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  1. Am I a festive holiday dog hater if I don’t approve of people who dress up their pets in silly costumes? A festive collar such as shown here is cool, but some people put full Santa suits on their beleaguered pets, and I can’t get behind that.

  2. Is a happy holiday dog, too! My cats worship themselves, as incarnations of Bastet. They need no holiday humiliation, though I give it to them via my art. (I’m bright enough to know putting holiday decor on cats is a suicidal proposition. They’ll wait until you sleep and get even.)

  3. One of my favorite things about dogs is that you can dress them up, full on, and they never complain. You never hear from them after the fact, “I hated it. Can you believe what they did to me?” They just stand there and drool cutely.

  4. I can’t tell if Daisy or Krissy is the happier one!

    No bells on collars for my doggies. They’re bell trained, so “jingle jingle” means “Let me out to pee, Mom!” I plan to put bows on the cats, though,

  5. I think it depends upon the dog. My labs couldn’t care less, but my beagle girl is horrified at the mere suggestion. I put a Gamer Girl t-shirt on her when she had stitches. We will not be doing that again.

    Note: We did the t-shirt instead of the white plastic cone of shame to avoid her using the cone as a ramming device because she is like that, you see.

  6. Love Fal Lah Fido. My Puggle thinks she is Tyra Banks. All you have to say is “look how pretty!” as you put on her collar and she is all aflutter.

  7. My Mom made me wear a collar with a bunch on pom poms on it and then took a picture! Greyhounds should never be made to wear pom poms. It’s just not natural.

  8. My wonderful next door neighbor has a ‘closet’ for her Pomeranian’s clothes. Yesterday she was wearing a red and green knit sweater and feathers in her tail. She is perfectly happy to be dressed up and decorated, and gets excited when her person opens up the doggie closet. Crazy dog. The festive collar is very cute and she looks more than content because it apparently means extra neck scritches.

  9. How do you keep the cats from destroying the books? As far as I can tell they’re natural enemies.

  10. Rick, we have a sheltie that naps in snow drifts. The limiting factor seems to be the formation of ice on her feet. Our other dogs are fine for their treks outdoors without the benefit of warm clothes. They do wear fur coats and are descended from wolves. The sheltie has two fur coats. We follow the progress of snow storms by observing how much is piled on the dogs when they come in.

    If they couldn’t come inside when they liked, they would need a doghouse more than clothes. I suppose if we had tiny dogs it might be more of a problem. I think our neighbor’s little terrier has a sweater for her walks, but I’m still not sure that isn’t more of an indication that our neighbor is cold, rather than the dog.

    Our spot in Illinois seems to have comparable December average temperatures to Bradford Ohio. I found a site that claims to know these things, though it took me a minute to catch on that the temps were in Celsius.


  11. Now THAT’s festive and cute. Thank you for not putting a Santa hat on the dog…over and over, which is the only way to have a Santa hat on a self-respecting dog for any length of time.

    Festive Holiday Dog: good.
    Dog Suffering in Miserable Human-Thinks-It’s-Cute Clothes: bad.

    Ur doin it rite.

  12. I have a modest question: why the classic Steve Jobs outfit (no, not on the dog)?

    Oh, and nice dog, by the way.

  13. That is one happy dog. And your wife looks happy also.

    Bring on the cats ! All this happiness must be balanced out for the universe to be in order.

  14. We once put a nice kerchief on our lab (the vet’s office gave it to us after his first visit). We did get a picture of it on him but within an hour he had chewed it off. We won’t be doing that again. And our Border Collie doesn’t even wear a collar except when she’s on a walk. How come we get the dogs who don’t like ornamentation?

  15. @Cryss:
    Dress your cat in some apparel, Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
    Put your self in mortal peril, Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
    Cats have claws, you will be bleeding Fa-la-la la-la-la la-la-la
    And a doctor you’ll be needing Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

  16. I see Mammal Prime is getting her massage while plotting how to overthrow the household. :-)