2 Comments on “maroon”

  1. There was definitely something to working in newspapers, whether for my high school’s paper (which once had an issue burned by the principal, that was memorable! though things like my stream-of-consciousness review of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy are more forgettable…) or for the city papers I did sportswriting for over the years. There’s just something really great about hanging out with journalists, eating pizza into the wee hours, everybody stopping to watch mid-1990s high form SportsCenter (Dan Patrick, Keith Olberman, Craig Kilborn… you’re all missed) and then back to it. But, you know, while the hours are terrible and the stress is unbearable, hey, at least the pay sucks, too.

    But if money wasn’t an issue, and I didn’t need to see my family? Yeah. I miss the newsroom.

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