Whatever Best of 2011

Well, if you were going to sleep through a year, 2011 was a really good one to do it in. And if you did, here are the twenty Whatever entries that I think best encapsulated the year around here. Presented in alphabetical rather than chronological order, they are:

There, now you’re all set for 2011. No need to read anything else anywhere else, ever. And look! Here comes 2012. Try not to flinch.

Chicon 7 Membership Discounts + Hugo Base Competition Extended

Two notes for you regarding Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, at which, most of you know, I will be the Toastmaster. The first is related to me by Chicon 7 head Dave McCarty:

Chicon is having a “7 days of Chicon” sale, it is running now and ends on 12/26.

Adult memberships are reduced $15 (normally $195, now $180) and Young Adult memberships (aged 17-21 at the convention) are reduced $10 (normally $100, now $90).

This is the cheapest that YA memberships have ever been!

I added the exclamation mark, there. Chicon’s online membership form is here — go and save for the holidays.

The second relates to the Hugo Base Design Competition — every year the Worldcon has a contest to create a distinctive base for the year (the rocket stays the same). The competition for 2012 has been extended — you now have until January 15 to get your base design in for consideration. Here are the details on that.

Athenamas, 13th Edition

It’s a family tradition here at the Scalzi household to awaken our daughter on her birthday with a flaming pastry, usually a birthday cake. This year, however, she turns thirteen, and to celebrate the initial transformation into a teen, we changed things up a bit and presented her with a pie. And yes, because I am a nerd, I did in fact say “the cake is a pie” to her. But never mind that now.

I could go on at this point about the fact that my daughter is now a teenager, and all the implications of that fact and how much I am proud of her for being such a remarkable person even at this young age, but at the moment I am content just to be happy with the fact my daughter exists in this world. I am going to leave it at that for right now.

But I would like to share something with you on my daughter’s thirteenth birthday: The song that was playing in the delivery room the moment she was born. I think it’s beautiful, as she is.

To my daughter: Happy birthday. I love you.

To everyone else: Happy Athenamas! Say “Happy Athenamas!” to everyone you meet today! Because why not.