Daily Archives: December 23, 2011

Whatever Best of 2011

Well, if you were going to sleep through a year, 2011 was a really good one to do it in. And if you did, here are the twenty Whatever entries that I think best encapsulated the year around here. Presented in alphabetical rather than chronological order, they are: And Now, For No Particular Reason, A […]

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Chicon 7 Membership Discounts + Hugo Base Competition Extended

Two notes for you regarding Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, at which, most of you know, I will be the Toastmaster. The first is related to me by Chicon 7 head Dave McCarty: Chicon is having a “7 days of Chicon” sale, it is running now and ends on 12/26. Adult memberships are reduced $15 […]

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Athenamas, 13th Edition

It’s a family tradition here at the Scalzi household to awaken our daughter on her birthday with a flaming pastry, usually a birthday cake. This year, however, she turns thirteen, and to celebrate the initial transformation into a teen, we changed things up a bit and presented her with a pie. And yes, because I […]

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