Chicon 7 Membership Discounts + Hugo Base Competition Extended

Two notes for you regarding Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, at which, most of you know, I will be the Toastmaster. The first is related to me by Chicon 7 head Dave McCarty:

Chicon is having a “7 days of Chicon” sale, it is running now and ends on 12/26.

Adult memberships are reduced $15 (normally $195, now $180) and Young Adult memberships (aged 17-21 at the convention) are reduced $10 (normally $100, now $90).

This is the cheapest that YA memberships have ever been!

I added the exclamation mark, there. Chicon’s online membership form is here — go and save for the holidays.

The second relates to the Hugo Base Design Competition — every year the Worldcon has a contest to create a distinctive base for the year (the rocket stays the same). The competition for 2012 has been extended — you now have until January 15 to get your base design in for consideration. Here are the details on that.

8 Comments on “Chicon 7 Membership Discounts + Hugo Base Competition Extended”

  1. For the base design, I can’t decide if I’d like:

    1. a Ferris Wheel
    2. Willis Tower (the erstwhile Sears Tower)
    3. an L train
    4. Chicago Planetarium

  2. I don’t know if Denvention 3 was just an early exception or if Worldcon has moved its scheduling back since then, but more and more I realize how lucky I was to get to go to a Worldcon at all. I hope some day they go back to having them when schools are out instead of during the first month of the year. (And yeah, I know that not all schools begin at the same time, but starting before labor day is increasingly common now. It’s been at least twenty years since I’ve been connected with a school that started after.) *wist*

  3. At the moment the convention is running on the holiday weekend about half the time and earlier in August about half the time. The major determining factor is when the space is available in the city it’s being held in. Reno (2011) was in early August, Chicago (2012) and Texas (2013) are both on Labor day and London (should it win for 2014) is earlier in August. There’s not a clean answer related to schools yet. Some districts are marching forward enough that even dates in August become troublesome.

  4. Thanks for the explanation of how the date selection works, Dave. Renovation was actually already after school started for me, so I guess I really was lucky with Denvention. Some day I may bite the bullet and just tack some sick days around Labor Day Weekend for something like Chicon, but I know the powers that be would have a cow for two reasons–taking days off so early in the year and extending a long weekend. Still, my one WorldCon experience was so cool, I definitely want to do it again.

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