Whatever Best of 2011

Well, if you were going to sleep through a year, 2011 was a really good one to do it in. And if you did, here are the twenty Whatever entries that I think best encapsulated the year around here. Presented in alphabetical rather than chronological order, they are:

There, now you’re all set for 2011. No need to read anything else anywhere else, ever. And look! Here comes 2012. Try not to flinch.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

13 replies on “Whatever Best of 2011”

Interesting, the rant on “The Sort of Crap I Don’t Get. There IS a gender thing going on. I am a teacher, and I have noticed repeatedly over the years female teachers get more crap from parents BY FAR than I (and other male colleagues) ever have. And it’s not just cause I’m awesome or anything; I do things that should attract far more ire from parents, but rarely get confronted for it. Such attacks, by the way, more often than not come from Moms more than Dads.

“”Here in Christchurch, 2011 has been a Year Of Goddamn Earthquakes.””

Here in Massachusetts we only got the edge of one earthquake. We made up for that with a tornado, a micro-burst that had us without power for a day, a hurricane, then a freak snowstorm that had us without power for a week. Columnist Thomas Friedman accurately described it as ‘Global Weirdness.’

I’d ask, ‘what will 2012 bring?’ but I’m afraid to.

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