All I Want For Christmas Are Some Deeply Stoned Cats

Whoa, man. Just, like, wow.

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  1. Ha ha! I did that to my cat last night. He’s still sleeping it off this morning. Getting ready for round 2! :P

  2. “Ticking away the moments the make up a dull, Fritter waste the hours in an off-hand way. Kicking around in your home town, waiting for something or someone to show you the way.” Ah Pink floyd and Dark Side of the Moon.

    Best trip I ever had was being stoned on some stuff the dock gave me for the flu and listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Time actually almost stopped and I could hear the heartbeat of the Universe. Damn you Jason for mentioning Pink and a double damn to you John for showing stoned cats. But damns to ya both in the best kinda way… ya made my day a lot happier. :D thanks all.

  3. Mine are totally stoned because I didn’t realize these catnip sardines had some specially concentrated cat nip. Whoops.

  4. It’s nice that you have provided a decorated tree for the kitties to roll around under and look up at, and meow, “Oh man…. lookit the colors, man,” like any other self-respecting stoner. (Hope you have a lot of blue and green lights!)

    Quite windy up here in North Seattle. The lights keep blinking; I hope they don’t just up and go out.

    Merry and Happy and much Felicity to all!

  5. but where is her ghlagheenes? does she disdain the nip, or did she grab her share and so hide so she wouldn’t have to share?

  6. “Dude.”




    “LOPPY! DUDE!”


    “DUDE I HAVE HUGE PAWS! Look at the size of my paw! That is ONE HUGE PAW?”


    “Dude, you’re wasted. Also? LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ohhhhh shiny thing….”

  7. This video must be a violation of the trades description act or something. I’ve seen a cats get truly stoned on ‘nip: it would just lie there, staring into space, drooling into its by-now sodden catnip toy and breathing in the moist air. Those cats are moving, purposefully.

    I’ll leave it to Chang (!= Chang) and the Committee to pass judgment on your decision to feature two cats who aren’t Ghlaghghee in your video, not to mention your apparent allegation that she “spazzed and ran”.

  8. Used to be a cat where I worked (the security guards fed her). A coworker gave her some catnip one day and watched as people gathered wondering if she was having a seizure or something. Coworker stole quietly away…

  9. Hey, I remember when those Pink Floyd albums came out! When I got the Dark Side of the Moon CD it was disconcerting that it didn’t have all those pops and scratches I was used to hearing on the old album, which had been many times mishandled by folk on, ah. people nip. And stuff.

    Is that the Great Ghlagh totally sacked out on the floor under the tree? What a cheap date!

  10. We call these little fishes Kitty Crack at our house. My Brat the Cat goes wild for them, and then wrecks the joint, and then lays about looking stoned for hours. It’s brilliant. Happy Holidays!! :D

  11. Sadly we no longer have cats at our house. I miss them, but since my wife is allergic to them, it’s impossible. The dogs are very sweet and cute, but also MUCH LOUDER at times.

  12. We also got our cat blitzed on prim nip courtesy of a Yow Banana. He dug that. Then we rolled out the hemp rope that had been steeping in catnip for ages. That cat was high.

  13. I totally loved Sylvester’s Catnip Experience (please excuse my paraphrasing) I especially loved your special effects. Great. When Syl said, “Weird.” I busted up BIG TIME. You could do an Indy movie for sure. Get someone to back you up, seriously. I could see movie here. Adventures of Sylvester. Something like that. I wish I had the money, cuz I know I would. You have movie director potential young man. Keep pushing on. GET INVESTERS. FIND a MOVIE MOGUL. I wish to hell I was rich enough to be one. All I could ever do is write, and you already have the material anyway.

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