Sunsets, 2011

First: Tonight’s sunset, with extra added American flag:

Second: A selection of sunsets from 2011. Enjoy.

Third, have a sunrise. Because you deserve it.

In all, another good year for that great big ball of plasma in the sky.

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  1. The thing I love about sunset photos is looking at them and going “if that was a painting I’d wonder what the painter was on”. So hey, big guy in the sky, are you high on life?

    Nice pics!

  2. Thank you!

    I don’t get to see rural sunsets very often; it’s nice to know that they can be as lurid as the big city version.
    I never get to see sunrises anywhere…

  3. Numbers 6 and 8 are just ludicrously, pants-wettingly beautiful. If I lived there I’d fritter half my days away just standing around saying “whoa”.

  4. The sunrise pic rocks, sir; it beats all of the others easily. Can we have more of those in 2012, please?

  5. I have camera envy! Also, I am in love with this scenery. Scalzi, you’re like an advertisement for rural Ohio. (I’ve only lived in Cleveland, so I got some breathtaking city sunsets, but nothing like these!)

    Thanks for sharing these with us!

  6. These are great shots. The pictures I took of the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from our cruise ship on Christmas day are good, but they’re not this good. They’ll be up on Facebook in a little while. In any case, great job.

  7. A lovely collection. Are most of those take from or around your house? Because I imagine being up on your mostly-treeless hill gives you a nice horizon view. Unfortunately most of the southern Ohio sunsets viewable from my house happen below the tree-line. I could leave the house, I guess, but at times I’ve found it easier to climb up on the roof.

  8. Number 8; no earth only sky. Very BIG.
    I love it.
    P.S. re: Ebenezer – a timer would work. Or you could always wake up early then sleep in late (my personal favorite).

  9. Seeing these great pics together prompts me to ask something I’d never thought of before… How exactly do you ensure that you’re _there_ at just the right time, to capture the sunset each night? A custom alarm clock driven by astronomical data through a Netduino? A fortuitously placed, westward facing, writing desk window? Good old-fashioned organisation and life self-discipline? An employee?

  10. “In all, another good year for that great big ball of plasma in the sky.”

    Enjoy it while you can. Another 5 billion years and POOF it wipes out the whole place..

    Thanks for the great pictures & happy new year

  11. These are spectacular. Thank you for sharing. Great photography subject. I think I just might take some of my own.

    Elaine Sangiolo

  12. My only complaint is the lack of linkage to full-resolution versions to steal for computer wallpaper. :-)

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