This Song’s Been In My Head For a While, Now I’m Giving it to You

Don’t worry. It’s lovely.

2011 in Review; Looking Ahead to 2012

Objectively speaking about the world at large, 2011 was about as crappy a year as I can remember existing in my entire adult life; a genuine clusterbang of monumental proportions. But on a personal and professional level, it was really good: Fuzzy Nation popped onto the New York Times best seller list and received some of the best reviews I’ve gotten, I was able to announce my Old Man’s War movie deal, I did book tours on two separate continents, SFWA members not only did not burn me in effigy but actually elected me to a second term as president, I wrote and sold Redshirts, raised $10,000 for my local library and learned how to play the ukulele. Plus met some very cool new people, who I have added to my list of folks I am happy to call my friends. So, yeah. Dear world: I’m sorry 2011 was not as good for you in aggregate as it was for me personally.

2012 has a full plate for me as well. Here are the things I know I am doing:

1. Releasing two books: 24 Frames Into the Future: Scalzi on Science Fiction Film in February, and Redshirts in June.

2. Being a Guest of Honor at Boskone in February, Penguicon in April and Capclave in October.

3. Being the Toastmaster for Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, in August.

4. Working on a new and very cool project about which I can give you no details now but which I think you will be pleased about when I can.

5. Wrapping up my tenure as SFWA president and handing over the reins to whomever will be the new president in July.

6. Voting for the US president (among others) in November.

7. Continuing to write my science fiction film column for

Plus a couple of other things I can’t announce yet, because they are secret and/or preliminary, but are cool nevertheless.

Last year I noted that while I was writing books I would stick to a schedule of writing fiction in the morning (when my brain is not yet cluttered with the real world) and then dealing with everything else, including e-mail and Whatever, after I’d reached my writing quota. Expect this to be in effect in 2012, particularly in the first half of the year, when most of the work of that Very Cool Project I hinted at will need to be done. On a practical basis I don’t know that you’ll notice this too much — in 2011 the “write in the morning” scheme didn’t seem to have a huge effect on how things worked around here, and even if it did I have to pay my mortgage, so, you know, it wouldn’t change things — but I figured I’d let you know. I don’t think any of you mind the idea I’m writing cool stuff when I’m not here.