This Song’s Been In My Head For a While, Now I’m Giving it to You

Don’t worry. It’s lovely.

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By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Keef is responsible for some of the most beautiful melodies in rock and roll. I could listen to this and Angie forever and never get tired of them. Love the cover too.

This is one of those songs that just hangs out in the brain and doesn’t cause any problems. Some get in there and push all the important stuff out of the way and then you can’t get anything done. Happy Gnu Year!

1971 flashback, Sticky Fingers and the Rolling Stones. I thought maybe they were also dong a cover but it really was by Jagger and Richards who composed and performed originally. For you young’ins that is a great album. Thanks for the reminder.

That was lovely. However, my favorite cover of this song is from the Flying Burrito Brothers (well, it was mostly Gram Parsons and a piano, on the Burritos’ album “Burrito Deluxe”), which was actually released a year before the Stones’ version, on “Sticky Fingers”. Which, Steve Bryan, might account for your feeling that the Stones’ version was a cover.

“Keith Richards and Gram Parsons wrote the melody and came up with the phrase “Wild Horses”.”

“Prior to its release on Sticky Fingers, Gram Parsons convinced Jagger and Richards to allow him to record “Wild Horses” with his band, The Flying Burrito Brothers. While the Rolling Stones had already laid the track to tape, the Burrito Brothers’ version was actually the first to be released, appearing on their second album, Burrito Deluxe, in April 1970, one year before Sticky Fingers.”

John, thanks for a version of this song I had overlooked, and my apologies for the bottomless rat-hole.

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