One Final 2011 Picture For the Fan Club

Ghlaghghee languidly fulfills her contractual obligations for the year and wishes you the best for the rest of 2011 and for all of 2012.

Now, scoot. She’s got napping to do.

23 Comments on “One Final 2011 Picture For the Fan Club”

  1. It takes a talented photographer to make a beautiful subject look as beautiful as she really is. Looking at this picture awakens the Ancient Egyptian priest of Bastet that I probably was in a prior life or something.

  2. So pretty!

    Does she have different colored eyes or is that just a photo thing?

    Ghlaghghee looks just like my Mom’s cat, and Lopsided Cat looks like my (belated and much missed) cat.

  3. Beautiful cat and very atmospheric photo – it seems to me there should be some slow jazz or blues being played somewhere…

  4. Where is Chang Who Is Not Chang? I came to this post specifically to read his always entertaining (if slightly surreal) posts whenever a Ghlaghghee (or other pet photo) is posted.

  5. Phil, my thoughts exactly.

    A cat photo without a fan club review is like a sundae without a cherry. Delightful, to be sure, but missing something.

  6. Thank you Ghlaghee, for accommodating us with your beauty. Thank you John for the photo!
    Happy New Year all –

  7. This seems to be a good day for cat napping. Our cats have followed the example of “The Perfect One”…or maybe they were already napping

  8. Dang, that’s one plush cat! I’ve always wanted to be able to grow fur like that…

    Happy 2012 everybody!

  9. O Great Scalzi, what a superb image of Magnificent She.

    The Executive Committee, in light of its current state of tripping balls, has nothing more substantive to offer than this:


    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  10. You realize, that to a cat as marvelous as she, that human celebrations marking some arbitrary day, and specifically one not devoted to her, are, well, … stupid. Have a safe and happy New Year’s and new year, anyway.

  11. The picture is stunning, and Ghlaghghee is beautiful, without doubt; but surely in order to fulfill the contractual obligation there ought to be – bacon – in this photo? (*she said, hopefully*…)

  12. Happy New Year to you, Krissy, and Athena, and to all your household animal friends.

    And a Happy New Year to all my fellow Whatever readers and commenters!

  13. Happy New Year to you, your family, the cats, and the dog.

    May you have the enjoyment you give others.

  14. Happy New Year John. To you and your family, and to everybody else who might see this, Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  15. BaconCat was never in 2006. It was never over five years ago. No. No no no. It was just the other month, I swear. (Amusingly enough it wasn’t the taping the bacon on the cat part of the story that I enjoyed the most, it was the part where you called Krissy up to get permission to tape bacon on the cat. Also where she called you a “strange strange strange man.” Because, well.)

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