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Science Fiction Films and Flying Snowmen

Over at this week, I follow on to the discussion here earlier this week on the subject of “Flying Snowmen,” and ask how the phenomenon extends to science fiction films in particular. That’s right! I’m recycling an idea I had here! And getting paid for it! God bless America, man. Aaaaaanyway, go over there […]

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The Flying Snowman

Over at Metafilter, they’re having a discussion on this Wired piece, which among other things details how the lava in The Return of the King is not quite right and how Gollum shouldn’t sink when he falls into it. I commented: In a film with spiders of physically impossible size, talking trees, ugly warriors birthed […]

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Lazy Sunday

Well, not actually, since I am proofing not one but two upcoming books at the moment. Yes, that’s right, two! (Redshirts and 24 Frames Into the Future, respectively.) I am also doing laundry. I am a busy man, I am. So: Not lazy. But mostly not here, either. How is your Sunday coming along? Share! Omit […]

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Three Things for Saturday

They are: 1. I’m heading back home, which means a Day O’ Planes. Without wifi, apparently. Life in the modern age is difficult, I tell you. So this post will be it for updating today. Be strong. 2. My thanks to everyone who participated in the Whatever Shopping Guide 2011 this last week. There was […]

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And One More Round of Christmas Reruns

I know, I know, you want new Christmas stuff from me. Hey, maybe in the next couple of weeks. If you’re nice and not naughty. In the meantime, though, why not enjoy my two most popular Christmas reheats? The first, of course, is “The Ten Least Successful Christmas Specials of All Time,” because Christmas isn’t […]

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