The Following is a True Fact

Zeus is going to be mightily disappointed when we take down the Christmas tree.

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  1. There are roughly one million people visiting Greater Pasadena for the Cheese & Quackers Rose Bowl, the Rose Parade, and the Occupy Parade. But the deal with the gods of the city are: no Rose Parade on Sunday. So everything waits one more day.

    I’ve only written one 800-word chapter of Science Fiction so far in 2012, as of 10:30 a.m. California time. But that brings me to 1,175,550 words since I doubled my daily fiction writing quota to 2,000 words on 6 July 2011.

    Hey, the old eggnog in my coffee is tasting weird…

  2. Who made the rule that you have to take down the Christmas tree? I think Zeus is voting to keep it up all year long (and just think how much time that will save you in December).

  3. You just know that in his little fuzzy head he is a jaguar resting under the jungle canopy. Or the elusive snow lynx in his arctic lair. Assuming of course that such places have central heating and comfy, soft fabric to sleep on, not to mention minions to bring them kibble.

  4. our mini jaguar is also going to miss her mighty canopy in a day or so…. on the other hand she will rejoice in the return of her favourite sun spot on the couch when we move it back to the window.

  5. Yes, there was sorrow and gnashing of teeth when the Christmas tree and all of it’s tempting ornaments went away…and all of the catnip filled toys have been opened (literally)…Now there’s nothing except naps until it’s time to open the windows again. Sigh, maybe we can go and watch some squirrels or little birds. Or maybe take a feline nap..


  6. I think Zeus is constituting an Occupy Xmas Tree movement. Just remember to be better than Officer Pike: it’s wrong to pepper-spray the cat before removing the tree.

  7. I think Hullabaloo posted the cartoon where once cat complains to another, “First they put a tree inside the house, right where I can get at it. Then they hang all these shiny, dangling ornaments on it. And then they tell me I can’t go near it….”

  8. Leave it up. Then in January you can celebrate such holidays as: Save the Eagles Day, Chinese New Year. For February there is Valentines Day, Fat Tuesday. For March let us not forget Dr. Suess or St. Patrick’s Day, Well you get the idea. There is something for every month.

  9. We had to buy a second tree skirt for when those meddlesome presents are under the tree covering the first one or things would “happen” to presents to make room for a cat.

  10. One of my kitties has been known to complain when the lights on the tree are off. Thankfully, they are LED and do not present an extra fire hazard when left on for long periods.

  11. But then when it’s gone, we can have a picture of Zeus without the tree in front of him, right? Right?!