Convention Appearance: Epic Confusion

I’ve been knowing I’m going to this since, uh, the last Confusion convention ended last year, so I have no excuse for not noting it until now. Nevertheless, I’ll be attending Epic Confusion, this January 20 – 22, in Troy, Michigan. There I will participate in programming, do a reading, sign some books and otherwise hang out in the bar for three straight days.

However, you don’t want to come because I am attending. I’m just some schmoe. You want to come because Pat Rothfuss is the Guest of Honor, Jim Hines is the toastmaster, and Peter Brett, Brent Weeks, Joe Abercrombie and Robin Hobb are the Subterranean Press guests. I mean, holy crap, that’s a lot of awesome fantasy writer-ness right there, I gotta tell you. Plus these other awesome writers. Seriously, people, if you like authors — I mean really like authors — I don’t know why the hell you’re not already signed up for this convention. Unless you are. In which case, good job.

So, yes. See you in Michigan. Soon.

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  1. ConFusion is awesome and everyone should come and hang out and do awesome things, and if you have teenagers, there’s actually going to be a TeenFusion track with some geeky activities and a Harry Potter-themed pizza party Saturday night to keep them occupied.

  2. Jay Lake said on his blog that he’d be going but he doesn’t seem to be listed yet. . .
    The husband and I are already registered and room reserved, etc. We may be picking up a friend near Toledo, OH on the way and may have another along with us (although I’m not sure if she’s attending or just hitching a ride to see another friend). I’m just doing my part to enable attendees, though.

  3. I’ll be there–I’ll be the one with the Play Hut set up in the lobby, shamelessly enticing small children to come over and play with my daughter so I can put some attention to the question of whether the Rocky Horror Muppet Show should be my husband’s first initiation to the RHPS.

  4. I’ll be there. Try to leave the bar long enough to stop into the 9pm Cocktail Party on Friday (the rest of you are invited too). I promise to mix you up a divine non-alcoholic cocktail…

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