Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

The Mac Air as a Tool For Writing

The “Office Desk: 2012” post precipitated a rash of e-mails from writers wondering how I like the Mac Air as a writing tool. Well, I’ve had the thing now for about five months, which is a sufficiently long time to live with a computer, and I’ve also written quite a lot on it by this […]

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Iowa Thoughts In Haiku

Because why not. Romney: Eight votes? Wow, really? You beat a squirrely has-been By eight votes? Damn, son. Santorum: I think you should know Every single Democrat Is rooting for you. Paul: If you would just run As a Libertarian Obama would grin. Gingrich: GINGRICH NOW ANGRY GINGRICH NOW HURT ROMNEY BAD JUST YOU WAIT […]

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NewBookIn Twitter Feed Resuming

I took a holiday break from the NewBookIn Twitter feed, on which I noted what new and exciting books had arrived on my doorstep, but now that the holidays are behind us and my life is a little less hectic, I’ve started it up again. You’ll find the updates in the sidebar (under “Today’s Books […]

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The Big Idea: Stephen Blackmoore

Author Stephen Blackmoore was on a mission with his novel City of the Lost: To tell a gritty, hard-boiled thriller of a story in a way that wasn’t like a 70s detective TV show. And you ask, well, okay, but what does a 70s crime detective show have to do with anything to begin with? […]

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Gut Reaction to the 2012 Science Fiction Film Slate

To start off the new year at FilmCritic.com, I’m looking at some of the prominent science fiction films of the now-current year and offering my thoughts on them, based on what I know at the moment, which is usually not much: Trailers, plot synopses and cast lists. In other words, just like anyone else. Come […]

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