This Would Be Difficult To Do With eBooks

Enjoy the non-CGIness.

Ganked from here.


I Has a Duh

Today is just one of those days when my brain leaves a note that says “Unnnnnnnnghhh” tacked to the mental corkboard in my head, and then is out for the rest of the day. I spent most of the morning trying to be clever and failing miserably, and then most of the afternoon trying to just write coherent sentences and blowing that, too. So I’m giving up for the rest of the day and will just watch movies with explosions in them. Let’s try this again tomorrow, shall we?

One Additional Thing For You to Consider For a Hugo, Not From Me


I believe the correct category for this would be “Best Related Work,” and it’s related, obviously, because it was inspired by (and commissioned by me for) my novel Fuzzy Nation. Paul Sabourin and Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo (otherwise known as “Paul & Storm“) are the songwriters.

Note: For everyone else wanting to suggest things (not from me) for awards this year, I’ll have a fan suggestion thread coming up, probably in the next few days. Patience.