Daily Archives: January 10, 2012

Finally, Something From Facebook Worth Posting

My kid is awesome. I’m not afraid to say it. (Yes, my kid has a Facebook account. No, please don’t try to friend her. The account’s for family and friends she knows in real life, not random Internet people. Thanks.)

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How I Feel About New Hampshire

Meh. Romney’s going to win it, someone else will come in second place (why not Huntsman?) and then it’s on to South Carolina, where Romney will win it and someone else will come in second place, wash, rinse, repeat through the rest of the primary season. It’s amusing that the remaining candidates, particularly Gingrich, are […]

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The Big Idea: Marissa Meyer

Fairy tales have been around for centuries — and will be around for centuries because their core stories are adaptable to changing times and circumstances. If you doubt this, take a gander at Cinder, author Marissa Meyer’s new take on the Cinderella story. What changes does she make and what do they mean for the […]

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Good Morning, Moon

The world wakes up with you! Taken just before sunrise. Thought it would make a nice change.

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