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I’m DJing a Dance at Capricon XXXII, or, BWA HA HA HA HA HAH HA

Last year, when I was the Guest of Honor at Capricon XXXI, I made the offhand and not especially serious comment that I would come back the next year and DJ their 80s dance for them. To which Sondra De Jong, the convention chair for Capircon XXXII, said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” (more or less, I may […]

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Clarion Workshop: Now Accepting Applications for 2012

Hey, weren’t you just saying to yourself, “Damn, I wish I could take part in an awesome, intensive six-week workshop in science fiction and fantasy, taught by amazing writers like Jeffrey Ford, Marjorie Liu, Ted Chiang, Walter Jon Williams, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare, in a fantastic San Diego setting?” I’m pretty sure I heard […]

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Tor.com Reader’s Choice Awards: Nominations Open!

Irene Gallo, who rules Tor.com with an iron fist (no, no, really, she’s awesome) has let me know that the site has started the 2011 edition of its Reader’s Choice Awards, and they want you to nominate in four categories: Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Comic and Best Book Cover. Follow the link above […]

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Fantasy Films 2012 and (Separately) 3D

This week over at FilmCritic.com I’m answering mail and talking about the fantasy films of the year I’m looking forward to, and what it means that Hollywood is re-releasing some of the 90s’ most popular films to theaters in 3D. You want to know the answers to both of these. You cannot live without knowing […]

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