Reader’s Choice Awards: Nominations Open!

Irene Gallo, who rules with an iron fist (no, no, really, she’s awesome) has let me know that the site has started the 2011 edition of its Reader’s Choice Awards, and they want you to nominate in four categories: Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Comic and Best Book Cover. Follow the link above for all the details and to nominate your favorite works of the last year.

Need help jogging your memory about what was published last year?’s compiled some lists to jog your memory at the link — and of course there was the Award Awareness thread here as well (see, you knew it would come in handy). Also, you know, there are these things too.

Have fun nominating!

2 Comments on “ Reader’s Choice Awards: Nominations Open!”

  1. Does that mean it’s awesome that she has an iron fist, or that she rules with it awesomely?

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