Whoa, Five O’Clock Already

Uh, looks like I got nothing for you today, folks. But I’ll have some interesting stuff for you tomorrow. Promise!

16 Comments on “Whoa, Five O’Clock Already”

  1. Eh, somedays you’re just off your game John. I would rather hear tomorrow that you spent to day with the ladies of House Scalzi. :D

  2. I hope so, cause, really, the whole week was kinda on the lame side. When the well is dry, maybe an extra Big Idea. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Figured you were watching the playoffs. Then again, with this cold and wind, ice-boating sounds like a real possibility.

  4. Not doing much, try Spacevidcast. Ben and Cariann live near LA. Live spacevidcasts on Sundays.

  5. Nothing for me to say here, I just thought I would add my nothing to the list of people who contributed nothing to your post saying you had nothing for us.

  6. I suspect Huntsman can have more influence now than he did as a candidate. Sad state of affairs that a bomb-throwing, loudmouthed, self-centered, egomanical jackwagon like Newt can get million-dollar donations while a reasonable moderate like JH can not.

    I fear for the Republic.

  7. John, here is a trick I learned from other blogs. When ya got nothin on Sunday throw up a thread on the NFL. Then you can just go back to whatever it was you were doing knowing there will be several hundred comments along the lines of “Mi teem rulz, yer teem droolz” Its easy and it works every time 8-{D

  8. I had all sorts of plans for Sunday. I wound up watching a little football, partially cleaning up the kitchen, and the only complete thing I did was fix a casserole for dinner. It was good, but I didn’t get a lick of real work done. To show you how bad it was, I only read a few pages of Leviathan Wakes.

  9. @Frankly – I don’t think Mr. S. is a sports fan. I may be mistaken on this point, but if he is, he doesn’t do much of it online where the public is watching. It might be his vaguely guilty man-cave secret or something. (No, Mr. S, the cats have not been talking about the big-screen TV in the basement…)

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