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Andrew Sullivan Posits a Hypothesis To Make Everyone Of Every Political Stripe Hate Him

Which is that everyone who is foamy about Obama, on the right and on the left, is hopelessly and dishonestly obtuse, and that eventually Obama is going to rope-a-dope everyone with his masterful mastery and long-term planning. Oh, Andrew. No hugs for you, my friend. That said, I think Sullivan isn’t wrong, at least on […]

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In Which I Read Something Well In Advance and Then Tease You With It

Don’t ask me how (but know that many Bothans died to get me the information), but I laid my hands upon the spec script for The Magicians, the proposed television series based on Lev Grossman’s “Magicians” series of books. What’s more, I read it. And without revealing anything about it, because I don’t believe in […]

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Connie Willis: Grand Master

Yes, it’s true: Connie Willis has been given the 2011 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (of which, as most of you know, I am the current president). It was a tremendous thing to call her and let her know, and now it’s a tremendous thing […]

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The Sagan Diary Giveaway at Epic Confusion + My Epic Confusion Schedule

This next weekend I’m going to be at the Epic Confusion science fiction/fantasy convention in Troy, Michigan, along with Patrick Rothfuss, Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercombie, Brent Weeks, Elizabeth Bear, Saladin Ahmed, Tobias Buckell, Robin Hobb and so many other fabulous writers that your brain will just assplode from excitement. And if all those super […]

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Huntsman Done

Given my endorsement (such as it was) of Jon Huntsman, I’m getting e-mail and tweets from people who want to know what my thoughts are about the man dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Romney. Well, neither is exactly a surprise, now, are they. Huntsman, conservative but pragmatic and willing to work with […]

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