The Sagan Diary Giveaway at Epic Confusion + My Epic Confusion Schedule

This next weekend I’m going to be at the Epic Confusion science fiction/fantasy convention in Troy, Michigan, along with Patrick Rothfuss, Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercombie, Brent Weeks, Elizabeth Bear, Saladin Ahmed, Tobias Buckell, Robin Hobb and so many other fabulous writers that your brain will just assplode from excitement. And if all those super spectacular writers isn’t enough of a reason for you to get your butt to this particular convention, here’s what Subterranean Press and I are doing to sweeten the pot: The first 900 people to show up at the convention get a hardcover copy of “The Sagan Diary,” my novelette, told from the point of view of Jane Sagan, that takes place between the events of the novels of The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony, Illustrated by Hugo-winning artist Bob Eggleton.

Why? Because we like you. And we like the Confusion convention. And yes, I’ll be happy to sign the book. All nine hundred.

No, it’s not a bribe. The convention’s going to be awesome no matter what. This is just icing on some tasty, tasty cake.

Speaking of which, here’s my schedule at the convention, so you know where to find me:

7pm, Friday Salon E    
I, Suck
Our Guest of Honor, Toastmaster, and other writing luminaries play “dueling suck” with their own works, trying to see who can best generate a vacuum.
Jim Hines   Patrick Rothfuss  John Scalzi Scott Lynch Joe Abercrombie

1pm, Saturday     Salon H    
Natural Sounding Dialogue
Writing dialogue is not just recreating how people talk, but an art within the art of writing, distilling conversation down to bare essentials. Who does it well, and how do you do it in your own writing?
Kristine Smith  John Scalzi  Myke Cole   Christine Purcell  Christian Klaver

4pm, Saturday     Salon H    
The Lure of the Undead
In books, movies, and video games, the various forms of the undead are as popular as ever. We’re dating vampires, gunning down zombies, and… mostly ignoring mummies, but only for now. Come listen to our writers discuss the appeal to the undead, and what might be done to keep them fresh and new, so to speak.
John Scalzi  DJ DeSmyter  Carrie Harris  Steve Buchheit  Ferrett Steinmetz

5pm, Saturday     Salon E    
Mass Autograph Session
This is where I’ll be doing oh so much signing.

10am, Sunday   Athens    
Toby Buckell and I catch you up on our latest writing.
John Scalzi  Tobias Buckell

11am, Sunday    Salon H    
The Multi-Creative Author
Creativity does not always strike in a single direction, and many authors have creative impulses in other media. From music to drawing, acting to the fiber arts, writers express their creativity in any number of alternative ways. Come listen to a few discuss their favorite creative hobbies and how it impacts their writing, if at all.
Catherine Shaffer   John Scalzi    Steve Piziks   Myke Cole   Anne Harris

Other than this I will be hanging about with friends, probably in the bar area. Come say hello.

Regarding signing books, I usually ask people to wait until the official signing time to get stuff signed, and I really would like people to try to get the signing done there. But given the number of Sagan Diaries that will be out and about next weekend, I’ll make an exception and will pretty much sign them whenever you see me (except when I’m actively eating a meal, because, c’mon, a guy’s gotta eat, or if I’m on my way to a panel). Do me a favor and bring a pen, please. I often forget to carry one.

See you next weekend!

8 Comments on “The Sagan Diary Giveaway at Epic Confusion + My Epic Confusion Schedule”

  1. I was looking forward to ‘Fusion anyway, but that’s a really nice perk! A big thanks to Subterranean Press for the gift. ‘Fusion has always been one of my favorite cons and I’m very excited. Is it Friday yet?

  2. That’s a pretty amazing perk, given that the total sales are likely to be only a small integer multiplier of that number. Is the marginal cost of printing really that low? (this wasn’t meant to be snarky, I do think it’s a generous perk and wish I could go.)

  3. Coolstar:

    “given that the total sales are likely to be only a small integer multiplier of that number.”

    I’m not sure why you would assume that as a given. TSD has sold very well over the years.

  4. John: it was just a guess. An ignorant one, as I didn’t know TSD was already in print. It was based on my impression that novelettes (in hard copy) don’t sell well outside of collections, as I’ve never purchased one by itself. Always happy to learn something. Love the OMW series and am happy they’ve all done well.

  5. I already have a signed copy of TSD, but I’m coming to Confusion anyway. :-) I’m sure that I can give it as a gift.

  6. Of course, that’s should I be among one of the first 900 to show up early enough be in the giveaway. Incidentally, my husband is coming with me and we are picking up a friend on the way.

  7. We’ll be getting in probably sometime between 7 and 8, so they may all be gone by then. But I will be there and probably get something signed and go to at least one of the things you’re doing. And on Saturday night, the Cthulhu bra will once again be out and about and causing san loss everywhere!

  8. For those worried about getting one, ConFusion is usually a ~750 member con, and probably only two-thirds are there on Friday night. If you’re there Friday, the chance of not getting a book is miniscule.

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