Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Something on Which George Lucas and I Agree

In a long New York Times feature about George Lucas, the producer and director talks about his relationship with his current girlfriend: If you’re more beautiful than I am and smarter than I am and you’ll put up with me, that’s all it takes. I’m there. Boy, do I hear him. (And yes, before anyone […]

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Five Easy Steps to Enjoying Starship Troopers, The Movie

Over at Tor.com, I’m writing about Starship Troopers, the movie, and why I enjoy it, and how you can enjoy it too. It only requires five steps! You know you want to know about those five steps are. Because not only will they allow you to enjoy the movie, they might change the way you […]

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The Big Idea: Michele Lang

In the course of human events, the actual individual humans can matter. At the very least Michele Lang seems to think so; in today’s Big Idea about her latest novel Dark Victory, Lang looks at how individual people have made a difference to others in the tale of their own lives, and how that point […]

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