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Today’s Cool Thing

Not the two different versions of the French cover of Agent to the Stars by Paul Kidby — although, come on, how cool are those, right? Pretty damn cool — but the personalized-to-my-daughter sketch of The Kids Next Door, from the show’s creator, Mr. Warburton, which we naturally also had framed, along with the Kidby […]

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In What I’m Sure Will Be Considered an Ironic Act By Some

One of the first things I did after the SOPA/PIPA blackout page here came down? Sent information to lawyers about a file sharing site illegally offering up my work for download. It’s not actually ironic, as I noted I’m all for the right of creators to be able to defend their copyrights online (and I’m […]

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On SOPA/PIPA (For the People Who Aren’t Blacked Out)

I’m using WordPress’ “blackout” function today, so most people are seeing the site blacked out through 8pm tonight, but some folks can see it (it seems mostly in countries other than the US, but also some in the US). For those not being blacked out, here’s what I wrote on the blackout page. I am […]

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You Know, For Kids

If you were wanting to introduce a young kid to science fiction film, what films would you use to start that education? Over at FilmCritic.com today, I tackle that question and come up with five films to help kids fall in love with science fiction. Find out what they are and why I chose them. […]

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